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It has been awhile since my last post and I just wanted to touch base with you all during this busy time of year!  I had planned on introducing some of my newer Christmas soaps and adding a new soap video to my youtube feed, but even with best laid plans…..

My laptop died an untimely death and thanks to my forgetting to back up my hard  drive for a couple of months, I lost important pics and video.  Bummer!  It took a few weeks to get a new computer and by the time I figured the new computer out and got back into the swing of things craft fair season and the holidays were well underway!

Hoping to retake some Christmas soap photos and some newer regular soap photos later in the month to show what will be available in the etsy store soon. (for soap store click here)

On top of making soap I have been tatting up a storm!  What is tatting you ask?  It’s not tattooing!  Tatting is  form of lace making that was pretty popular a hundred years ago or so.  It’s a neat little hobby and I love taking my tatting with me to craft fairs so I can tatt during the downtimes.  I was able to list a few tatted snowflakes on my GrammaVedora etsy store (Click here) and have sold some already.  I love how delicate they look.

Here’s a few photos of some tatting!


lacey tatted snowflakes

lacey tatted snowflakes

I have more photos but have to admit they’re not all downloaded onto the new computer yet. Visit my etsy stores to see soap and tatting photos!

Are you making your Christmas handmade? Even only part of it? Let me know and leave a comment!


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I would like to do a little giveaway through my blog.  I have to admit, it would be much easier to do it through my facebook business page, but facebook has a ton of rules about doing contests and giveaways.  The bottom line is, you can’t!  Anyway, I was trying to think of some way to do my giveaway and I think I have a pretty simple one for you all to try.

Giveaway eligibility: To be eligible for this giveaway, you must have already “liked” my face book business page (http://www.facebook.com/GrammaVedora ).  Also to be eligible, you need to post a comment on my facebook business page as to what your favorite bath or body product is and why.  After writing your comment, please put #bloggiveaway1 so that I know you want to be included in the giveaway.

The prize: The prize of the giveaway will be a soap, lip balm, and washcloth gift set.  The winner may choose his/her favorite soap, lip balm and color for washcloth by choosing options from the etsy shop (http://www.GrammaVedoraSoapCo.etsy.com ).

Choosing the winner: The winner will be chosen through a random drawing.  Everyone that leaves a comment will be put into a “hat” and then chosen randomly.  I will then contact the winner through personal message before posting through my blog.  Through personal message I will then ask for your choices for the gift set.  If I don’t already have your address, then I will request it then.

I  hope a bunch of you join in on my giveaway!  I will run the giveaway from now until February 1 at noon.

Feel free to encourage others to “like” GrammaVedora on facebook!  I will be doing more giveaways in the future as well as releasing exclusive coupon codes and offers on my facebook site!


Now to finish up this blog post I wanted to show you all a series of beer soaps I completed making this week:

Available in the etsy shop mid-late February

Available in the etsy shop mid-late February

These soaps will be sold separately in my shop as well as a gift set deal including all four at a reduced price so keep an eye out for their release!

Remember the current active coupon code for the etsy shop is : VAL15OFF for 15% off of your purchase (excluding shipping)

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I have fully immersed myself into the world of handcrafted soap.  I love it!  It is so much fun!  I love to create different textures and patterns and add yummy smells to the soap….Ahhhhh!  And for me, the bubblier the better for my soap.  Since I made the plunge into soapmaking, I have read 2 books, watched I don’t know how many videos, read tons of blogs, and made tons of soap.  It is incredibly addicting!  So, to keep my family from drowning in tons of soap, I am selling some online.  Hope to make it into a business that will help my family and feed my addiction!

Anyway, I wanted to post a few of my favorite soaping attempts:

An experiment in decorating with swirls

An experiment in decorating with swirls
A different attempt at swirling.  My son loves this one.

A different attempt at swirling. My son loves this one.
Practicing using a cardboard divider in my mold

Practicing using a cardboard divider in my mold


I guess that’s all for photos for now. I will have plenty more in the future, believe me!

I still enjoy knitting and crocheting, but I am focusing more on getting my soaping business up and running.  I do plan on selling knitted washcloths and bath mitts and such along with my soaps.

Please visit my shop on etsy and let me know what you think!  I plan on creating a separate website as well and will post the link as soon as I can.

Almost forgot to post my etsy link: http://www.GrammaVedoraSoapCo.etsy.com

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