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I love this time of year!  It’s time for fun craft projects for me and my family.  This year I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I am enjoying it!

I am currently in the middle of several projects and have plans to do a couple more if I can convince my husband to go the fabric store with me.  He’s not a fan, believe me.  Let me put it this way, when we were putting locations on our GPS he used a skull and cross bones icon to identify it on the map.  Har-dee-har.

Anyway, this winter I’ve managed to piece together a quilt for my youngest daughter’s big girl bed and I am currently painstakingly hand-stitching the quilting on it.  Tried using my machine, but there was too much fabric to maneuver under the walking foot.  may have to invest in a long arm sewing machine if I keep up making quilts!

Trying to get the layers smooth and even before pinning and basting.  Taping the edges made it a ton easier for me!

Trying to get the layers smooth and even before pinning and basting. Taping the edges made it a ton easier for me!

My hand-stitching attempt.  I like the little PVC frame I found, but hand-stitiching is tough!  I definitely need to practice to make sure my lines on both sides of the quilt come out nice and even.  Love the butterflies though.

My hand-stitching attempt. I like the little PVC frame I found, but hand-stitiching is tough! I definitely need to practice to make sure my lines on both sides of the quilt come out nice and even. Love the butterflies though.

It’s fun and I hope to make a quilt for each of my children in the next few years.  Also, I have been knitting a sweater for my blondie.  I stalled over Christmas time when my soaping kept me busy but now I need to finish it off.  I only have the collar and cuffs to do, but since I’ve been designing it on the fly, I’m a bit nervous as to how it’s going to turn out.

Also, my awesome husband got me fleece pajamas as a gift for Christmas and they are sooooo warm and cozy!  Perfect for the below zero temps up here in NY.  Anyway, my hubby would like a pair, but couldn’t find any at the store so of course I offered to make a pair for him.  Unfortunately, convincing him to go to the fabric store with me is like pulling teeth (see above paragraph).

So, what are you doing for projects this winter?  Feel free to share in the comments!  Also, I plan on offering a coupon code for Valentine’s Day at the etsy soap store.  Please visit my facebook page and “like” to get the code later this month!

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I know, I know.  It has been a while since I posted anything on this site, but so much has been going on and honestly, time management is not my thing!  Personally, I am pregnant with baby #4 and getting ready for its debut, starting my children with their homeschooling and keeping up with my crafting time.   It has been quite juggle, but i was finally able to do my first craft show this summer!  I had fun, didn’t make a ton of money, but learned a lot.  I stressed over how much change to bring and how it should be divided (cash vs. change), how much product to have made and how to display it, making sure I had order forms and a receipt book, have bags to carry my shop items, and a ton of other stuff!  At least now I have done it once and won’t be as crazy stressed the next time (I hope).  Have any of you ever done a craft show?  How did your first time go?

Unfortunately, it will be awhile until I can do another since the baby is due in a couple of months, but hopefully by next summer I can sign up for another.  We’ll see!  Maybe by then I’ll have a stronger fan base, or whatever and I’ll be able to sell more than 4 items.  I have been excited to have several orders come into my shop the last few months in preparation for future Christmas gifts.  I do love to sew and it’s nice to know people like what I make!

I would like some ideas for more “boy” oriented gift ideas for my shop if anyone has any.  Most of what I think of to make seem to be geared mainly toward girls.  Any ideas out there?  Check out my shop and let me know what you think:




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People ask me where I learned to sew, knit, crochet, etc.  Some of that is easy to answer…my mom!  My mom taught me to sew and the basics of crocheting.  For most of my childhood, my mom was a seamstress.  She worked on bridal gowns, evening wear, men’s, and I even remember her making craft items to sell on the side.  I have to admit, I wasn’t a quick learner and I screwed up a lot.  I still have a bit to learn!  Now, just like everyone else, I also had a home economics class where I spent 6 weeks working on a 1970s reversible vest pattern.  Needless to say it was never worn!  I didn’t learn anything new from that class because I had already learned what I needed from my mom.  I learned basic crochet stitches around the same time: chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet.  Enough to start a goofy looking scarf but not finish.  When I was twelve, I didn’t have the attention span to complete most of my handicrafts.

I learned to knit much later in life.  I received a garbage bag full of knitting supplies from a great-aunt.  Had no idea how to use them but was excited anyway!  There was yarn in the bag from the 60s and 70s, all kinds of aluminum knitting needles, cable stitch holders, round markers.  Even some books!  Ancient books, but books to teach someone how to knit.  Using the old books and supplies and supplementing with internet videos I learned the basics of knitting!  I have to admit, if I didn’t have the internet videos it would have taken me much longer to learn knitting.

How about you?  Who was your inspiration?  What drives you to create through sewing/crocheting/ knitting etc? 

Here are some sites that helped me:





These are just a few of the sites available to assist with knitting.  Try searching for additional videos on your favorite search engine.

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Never thought I would be the author of one blog, much less two, but here I am!  I have a personal blog for family info and such, but now, I’ve decided to post themes, ideas, and topics related to my business:  www.GrammaVedora.etsy.com .  Many of you are aware of my new venture and have been very supportive, but I am doing my best to maximize my business as best I can!

This first post is mainly an intro into what I’m doing, business-wise.  I am currently running a small internet based business called GrammVedora where I make unique handmade items: toys, knitted and crocheted items, ragdolls, and soon felted purses and bags.  I have always enjoyed creating things with my hands and learned to sew and crochet from my Mom.  I taught myself how to knit!  I enjoy all of these things so much and am excited to be able to sell what I make on Etsy.com.  The extra income is helpful, but the creative outlet is also wonderful.

I hope to post helpful crafting ideas, possibly interview fellow crafters, pointers for etsy and marketing a small business online, and more!  Any helpful suggestions and tips would be helpful!  This blog is definitely a work in progress, but hope to quickly get it up and running.  If you enjoy this site, and know of others who would enjoy it, please sign up for a subscription and passthe word onto others!


also: view my new facebook fan page:  www.facebook.com/GrammaVedora and click “like” if you want to join!

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