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I have spent most of my day making some new fall themed soaps!  My house smells so yummy!

The first batch I made was Pumpkin Spice which really did smell pretty much like a pumpkin pie.

I used real pumpkin in the soap to give it a nice orangey-red color and dusted the top with a bit of cinnamon, yum!

Pumpkin spice soap after curing

Pumpkin spice soap after curing


The second batch was made with triple strength coffee and scented with Cafe Caramel FO.  Smells so good!  Not sure what I’ll name the soap yet, maybe Coffee Caramel Latte, or Choco Caramel Latte…. hmmmmmm…..

Cured Coffee soap.  Love the "froth" on top!

Cured Coffee soap. Love the “froth” on top!

IMAG0723 (1)

For my third soap I made soap with Apple Jack Peel FO.  I wasn’t sure what this FO would smell like when I purchased it since I didn’t know what Apple Jack Peel was.  According to the FO company where I purchased the fragrance Apple Jack Peel was some kind of alcohol beverage made a long time ago.  It was made from apple cider!  Interesting.  Anyway, the scent does remind me of a spiced apple cider– perfect for the fall!

Newly named "Spiced Apple Cider"  Love the smell!

Newly named “Spiced Apple Cider” Love the smell!


Final soap isn’t specifically fall themed, but I’ve been wanting to make it for awhile.  I made a salt bar with pink Himalayan salt and scented with Grapefruit EO.  I call it Pink Grapefruit! Smells so bright and cheery!

I used coarse Pink Himalayan salt as a decorative element on the top of the soap.

I used coarse Pink Himalayan salt as a decorative element on the top of the soap.


I really love this new soaps, I hope you do too! Feel free to visit my etsy store to check them out and leave comments below as to your favorite fall scents and soap ideas!


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Thanks for all that participated in the April giveaway!  Sharing my facebook page brings more exposure to my business and that’s great!  For this giveaway I planned on adding some examples of new products I want to add for the spring and I hope you all enjoy them!

To start off with, the products will be contained in a cute new crocheted tote!  I love totes especially in the spring and summer to quickly toss a few items in and use as a small purse.  In the tote some new items I have been working on: lotion bar and hand soap!  As many of you know I have been working on my liquid soap and I think I have finally managed to create a product I feel confident selling to you all!  Also, I plan on adding a soap bar, lip balm and whatever else fits.

Here’s a photo of some potential items– no labels in these pics yet, but I plan on adding them prior to shipping!

New body lotion bars and body wash

New body lotion bars and body wash

Enough suspense! The winner of the April giveaway is —–> Lydia Holcomb!

Thanks to all who participated!  I hope the winner enjoys her gift and I hope those who did not win will participate for the next giveaway!  Don’t forget, all orders made in my etsy shop will receive a 15% coupon code toward their next purchase!  Don’t forget about your mother for Mother’s Day in May!

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I’m a little late posting for the Great Cakes Soapworks challenge this week, but we a break this week anyway so I made my soap last night and cut it this morning.  It was still a bit soft, but I think it came out looking great.  This week’s challenge was the mica swirl.

Here’s my lovely soap!

My mica swirl top scented with BB's Grapefruit Lily-yum!

My mica swirl top scented with BB’s Grapefruit Lily-yum!

I just received an order of fragrances from Brambleberry and had a hard time deciding which to use, but settled on the Grapefruit Lily because I think it’s my fave out of the ones I ordered.

I wanted to put some kind of swirl in the middle and did a modified hanger swirl using ultramarine violet and electric bubblegum pink pigment.  For the top of my soap I chose Violaceous Violet and Copper Sparkle Mica with a hint of Merlot Red which blended in with the purple and didn’t show up too much.  For the main part of the base of the soap, I added some titanium dioxide but it’s still a bit creamier than I would like.  It may brighten as it cures so I’ll have to wait and see I guess!

Here are some more pics of my soap:

Buttercream Snickerdoodle hot process soap I made at the same time as the mica swirl.  Smells so good!

Buttercream Snickerdoodle hot process soap I made at the same time as the mica swirl. Smells so good!

The loaf uncut

The loaf uncut

IMG_4762 IMG_4764 IMG_4765 IMG_4767

Now for some more about the giveaway! The giveaway for April requires for anyone interested to share my business facebook page on their  personal facebook page.  Then please  let me know on my page wall or through messaging so that you can be added to the participant list! It’s that simple!  The giveaway will run until April 26th at 6pm.  At 6pm I will draw a name from a hat of one of the participants and if I don’t already have your address, I will request it to ship you your soapy giveaway!  I will be posting photos of parts of the giveaway throughout the week, so stay tuned!  If you don’t want the gift for yourself, it would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

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A little slow

Business has been a little slow this month.  I’m a bit disappointed but I’m trying to be realistic.  My etsy shop has only been open for a few months so I can’t expect to have a steady amount of orders coming in yet.  Logically that makes sense, but also, until I sell more soap, I really shouldn’t make anymore.

That makes me sad because I love to make soap!  I am making a loaf or two a week for a couple of soap challenges I am involved with but still, I have a ton more I want to make but not enough room to really cure them until I sell some more.  Oh, well I guess I need to work on my marketing skills (and my patience)!  To see the soaps I have made so far for challenges check out here and here.

I did apply for a table at the local farmer’s market for the summer, but won’t hear if I got a spot until the end of April and I am finding myself less than patient!  I am constantly reminding myself to leave it in God’s hands but my human nature is battling with that control issue.  When will I ever learn?

I do have a few soaps that will be cured soon and I will be adding them to the shop over the next couple of weeks.

The Honey Bee Lovin' and Peppermint Tea soap will be available this week.  The Oatmeal, Milk and Honey will be ready in a couple of weeks.

The Honey Bee Lovin’ and Peppermint Tea soap will be available this week. The Oatmeal, Milk and Honey will be ready in a couple of weeks.

The Honey Bee Lovin’ soap is unscented and contains beeswax, honey, and bee pollen. It smells faintly sweet naturally which is great!  The Peppermint Tea was made using brewed tea and is scented with Peppermint essential oil.  I also added peppermint tea leaves for a bit of exfoliation a bit scrubby!  Last, but not least, is my Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey soap.  I do have some OMH soap available at the etsy shop, but this OMH is  a newer batch made with evaporated goats milk, decorated with oats, and scented with oatmeal, milk, and honey fragrance smells yummy!

Hope you like my soap and please visit the shop to view all available soaps!  Also, visit my facebook page and “like” to see available coupon codes!

facebook:  www.facebook.com/GrammaVedora


Etsy:  www.GrammaVedoraSoapCo.etsy.com

I will be doing another free giveaway at the end of the week so visit my facebook page and/or the blog. 

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I have been keeping myself pretty busy with preparing product and learning all I can about soaping.  I have joined the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild (www.soapguild.org) and put my name in to be a part of a local farmer’s market.

I am excited to be a part of the farmer’s market, but also nervous.  I really want to sell my product, but the farmer’s market is every Friday from May until the end of October!  That’s a lot of product to prepare and stay on top of!  I don’t want to shy away from the potential business, but I am hoping I can sign up just for a few days this summer and not have to sign up for all of them.  I’m praying about it and hope God shows clear direction for me!

Also, I have been working on learning how to make liquid soap.  Liquid soap is similar in process to making hot process bar soap, but instead of using sodium hydroxide to make soap from fats and oils, I need to use potassium hydroxide.  Also, the process takes about 2 days to make liquid soap so it’s a bit time consuming, but I think totally worth the effort!  I have a few body washes ready to ship to some testers to see what they think and then hopefully not long after that I’ll be able to post some to my etsy site!  Yay!

I have also been working on some bath fizzies as well.  I finally nailed down a recipe I liked and created a few, but unfortunately realized the colorant I used leaves a nasty ring around the tub!  From what I researched, this is not unusual, but I do not like it.  What’s the point of having a nice relaxing bath with a bath fizzy/ bath bomb and then having to spend then next couple of minutes scrubbing out the tub?  A pain.  The colorants I used said they were good for bath fizzies, but to me this is unacceptable.  I pulled my fizzies off of my etsy site until I can determine if all of the colorants I used would cause the ring or just certain ones.  I also have been researching other bath fizzy colorant suppliers.  I think I found a contender, but they are a bit pricey between the actual product and the shipping costs 😦 .  Oh well, I guess I have to suffer that to have a superior product!  Anyway, I’ll leave you all some pics of the products I am working on!

not a strong scent but there is a definite flavor there

not a strong scent but there is a definite flavor there

These may be ok since there is only a little bit of colorant in them.  Plan on testing them some more today.
These may be ok since there is only a little bit of colorant in them. Plan on testing them some more today.

These smell yummy!  The srubbie is also available at my site in a variety of colors.

These smell yummy! The srubbie is also available at my site in a variety of colors.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now.  I hope to post some hot process soap pics next time and maybe with another soap recipe.  I found a lye calculator online that has been even more helpful for me in creating soap recipes.  www.soapcalc.net


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I’ve been lucky enough to have quite a few sales in my etsy shop for the first 3-4 weeks of business and I am so thankful to the friends and family that have supported my new endeavor! Yay! This has been a bit stressful, but so much fun too.

I am also excited to announce the winner of the first GrammaVedora Soap Company giveaway! Thanks again to all those who participated. This will not be the only giveaway I will do. I hope to do another one around Easter or early spring so keep on the look out!

Okay, no more keeping you in suspense! The winner of the giveaway is………..Connie Bolen! Yay! Connie please contact GrammaVedora on facebook and leave a message with your address so I can ship your gift. You can go onto the http://www.GrammaVedoraSoapCo.etsy.com site and chose a lip balm, washcloth color and one bar of soap. They will be wrapped and sent to you as soon as I can!

Thanks for your support everyone!

Now, to leave you all with a pic of some of the new soaps I made this past week.

New soap scents coming soon to the etsy shop!

New soap scents coming soon to the etsy shop!

These soaps will be available in early March. I will also be working on chocolate soap and others this weekend. Hope to also try some hot process soap as well. If I can get my husband to cooperate, maybe I can post some pics of the soap making process and add a recipe!

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I would like to do a little giveaway through my blog.  I have to admit, it would be much easier to do it through my facebook business page, but facebook has a ton of rules about doing contests and giveaways.  The bottom line is, you can’t!  Anyway, I was trying to think of some way to do my giveaway and I think I have a pretty simple one for you all to try.

Giveaway eligibility: To be eligible for this giveaway, you must have already “liked” my face book business page (http://www.facebook.com/GrammaVedora ).  Also to be eligible, you need to post a comment on my facebook business page as to what your favorite bath or body product is and why.  After writing your comment, please put #bloggiveaway1 so that I know you want to be included in the giveaway.

The prize: The prize of the giveaway will be a soap, lip balm, and washcloth gift set.  The winner may choose his/her favorite soap, lip balm and color for washcloth by choosing options from the etsy shop (http://www.GrammaVedoraSoapCo.etsy.com ).

Choosing the winner: The winner will be chosen through a random drawing.  Everyone that leaves a comment will be put into a “hat” and then chosen randomly.  I will then contact the winner through personal message before posting through my blog.  Through personal message I will then ask for your choices for the gift set.  If I don’t already have your address, then I will request it then.

I  hope a bunch of you join in on my giveaway!  I will run the giveaway from now until February 1 at noon.

Feel free to encourage others to “like” GrammaVedora on facebook!  I will be doing more giveaways in the future as well as releasing exclusive coupon codes and offers on my facebook site!


Now to finish up this blog post I wanted to show you all a series of beer soaps I completed making this week:

Available in the etsy shop mid-late February

Available in the etsy shop mid-late February

These soaps will be sold separately in my shop as well as a gift set deal including all four at a reduced price so keep an eye out for their release!

Remember the current active coupon code for the etsy shop is : VAL15OFF for 15% off of your purchase (excluding shipping)

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